Programs of Study

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We offer the following programs:

Agriculture and Natural Resources is a two-year program designed to instruct students in all phases of agriculture and related fields. Poultry science, genetics, showmanship, plant management, and equipment maintenance/welding are among the topics covered by the instructor. There are 2 greenhouses students use for clinical experiences. 

Business, Marketing, & Finance is a two-year program designed to teach students sales and marketing skills. This course is a study of the distribution of production until it reaches the consumer. The topics include salesmanship, advertising, market research, and human relations. Second-year students focus on Entrepreneurship. The national certification for this program is the ESB - Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Students will receive credit for Economies upon completion of the first year of this course.

Construction Trades is a two-year basic and technical skill program in carpentry, electrical wiring, masonry, and plumbing. Students receive instruction in all phases of the construction industry including the use of equipment, selection, cost of materials, and reading blueprints. Second-year students focus on carpentry skills. The NCCER National Certification exam is the credential used to evaluate this program.

Early Childhood Service is a two-year program that provides students with the basic skills and training for entry-level employment as child care workers. Through classroom instruction and work in the pre-school setting, childcare students receive factual information as well as practical experience with young children. First-year students are taught basic information about the growth, development, discipline, and guidance of preschool children. Second-year students gain on-the-job experience by working with local kindergarten students.

Health Science is a two-year program designed to teach students the basic skills used in the field of medicine. By combining classroom and clinical work students acquire knowledge for dealing with patients, as well as basic nursing skills. Second-year students are introduced to the clinical aspects of dental hygiene, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, and support services. Upon completion of  2 years, Health Science will count for 2 science units and 1 health unit as required for graduation. Health Science Core is an Honors class.

Law & Public Safety is a 2-year course that provides students with the history of law and legal systems in the U.S. and corrections in Mississippi. Second-year students will also study emergency management, fire safety, and the military.   Housed under the Work Based Learning Program is an Emergency Medical Technician program offered to seniors who have completed either Law & Public Safety or Health Science. This program is in partnership with Jones College.

Metal Fabrication is a two-year program designed to teach students both welding and machine shop. With a combination of classroom and shop work, students will learn to use different machines such as lathes and millwork machines as well as learn to weld. First-year students take the NCCER as their state test and second-year students take the NIMS as their second-year state certification. 

Work Based Learning is a program that allows students to gain high school credit for being employed. If students have a job, they can sign up for WBL and leave after lunch. They must provide their own transportation to their job site. The Utility Lineman program is housed under WBL as a Work Force Development program sponsored by CCSD, MDR, Southern Pine, and the City of Collins. We take a limited number of students each year. These students finish this program with several certifications and a Class A CDL. 

Student Services Coordinator The Student Services Coordinator works with students individually or in small group settings that are essential for the successful completion of a vocational training program. The SSC instructors also coordinate activities for the students with other academic teachers.

CTE Counseling A qualified counselor is available to provide students with information and assistance in the development and use of skills necessary for decision-making, problem-solving, career and life planning, job placement, and personal issues.

**CTE classes have a limited number of seats available. Students wishing to enroll in a class must have no major discipline referrals including fights, willful disobedience, disrespect, and alcohol or drugs: must read at an 8th-grade level, and must have a “C” or higher in their last English, Math, and Science classes. Students must have a good attendance record**



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