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Collins High School Marching Band is the public performing face of Collins High School in the fall season.  The band performs at football games, pep ralleys, and parades.  Members are volunteers who pay an annual fee to participate.  Students taking band class get a grade for rehearsals and performances.  

All members are required to be at all rehearsals and performances.  In the case of  absences: (Rule of Thumb) If the office would excuse the absence, then the absence would be excused for band.  If the office would not excuse the absence, then neither will the band.  Band is a team effort.  When one member of the team is not present, the entire team suffers. 

Cell phones are not allowed during Band time including after-school activities, rehearsals, and performances.  Parents need to know where their children are and when they are finished with rehearsal.  We will stay as close to time as possible.  Students not following the cell phone procedure, will have their phone confiscated and turned into the office at Mr. Porter's earliest convenience.  Parents, please help me with this and do not call or text your child during class time or after school rehearsals or performances.  Thank you.

  • REVISED Band Camp Schedule for 2020REVISED Band Camp Schedule for 2020

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, Band Camp will be held outside and in smaller groups this year.  Please be on time for your session as we have little to no flexibility on this.  Please read this revised schedule carefully.  It replaces all previous procedures. 

    No student may be dropped off until they have had their temperature taken.  Anyone presenting with a temp of 99.4F or above will be sent home immediately. 

    All paperwork must be downloaded, filled out completely, and turned in on the FIRST day of camp.  Last year's physical will suffice.  If you did not get a physical last year, you will need to do so before the first home game.


    Students will need the following every day:

    Mask (Flutes and Piccolos need face shields)

    Gloves - To be worn at all times

    Hand sanitizer - We cannot supply enough for everyone

    Clorox (or equivalent) wipes to wipe down equipment used

    Water Bottle filled with WATER.  No one may go inside to use the bathroom.  Please go before you come.wink

    Dress code:  Closed toe shoes or marching shoes.  No flip flops, sandals, crocs, or other open toe variation.  T-shirt and shorts that cover the important areas.  Hat is recommended.  Please dress for the heat.  No makeup that might run ladies.  Nothing see through.  Students violating CCSD dress code will be sent home.  Modesty is a virtue.

    All music should be downloaded from this site and put in a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves or a flip folder.  Wind will blow loose paper away and we don't have time for that.  You will need:  2020 Warmup with scale sheet, Star Spangled Banner, Fight Song, All the stand tunes arranged alphabetically, Show Music, Fingering Chart.

    All wind instruments need a tuner and contact mic.  All wind instruments need their own mouthpiece.  Wind instruments need their own valve oil, slide grease, reeds, etc.  The band will not supply this and neither will Mr. Porter.  No exceptions. 

    Percussion need their own sticks and stick bag.  Marching sticks are Vic Firth Thom Hannum.  I have some for sale in the Band Hall for $15.00 cash while supplies last.  We will NOT share sticks this year.

    I am taking every precaution I can think of to keep you and your children safe.  Please help me by adhering to these requirements.  Stay tuned to this site as changes are being made daily.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    M-F July 20-24 and July 27-31:

    8:00 - 9:45am  Trumpets, Clarinets, F-Horns, and Saxophones

    10:00 - 11:45am  Trombones, Euphonium/Baritones, Tubas

    12:00 - 1:00pm LUNCH

    1:00pm - 2:45pm Flutes and Piccolos

    3:00 - 5:00pm Drums and Percussion


    Any one needing Band Shoes or Wind Suits will need to be at the CHS Band Hall Monday July 27 at 9:15am for sizing.  Shoes are $34.00 cash to be paid to the shoe man that day.  We do not have another day planned at this time.  Wind suits are included in your Band Fee ($200.00 cash) due the first day of camp.


    For questions or concerns, contact Mr. Matt Porter Collins High School/Carver Middle School Band Director at:


    601-818-1206 cell phone

    I will not have access to my school phone.  Thank you.

  • Senior Band Pictures

    Senior Band Pictures will be July 20 at 8:30am.  All senior band students interested in banner pictures need to let Mr. Porter, Ms. Ballard, or Coach Booth know asap so we can get you details on pricing and scheduling.  Thank you.




    Dear Band Students and Band Parents,

    The new school year is fast approaching and Band Camp is arriving even sooner.  I hope you have had a wonderful vacation.  Please know that in this uncertain time, I am doing the best I can to keep your children, you, me, and our staff as safe as possible.  Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.  We are all in this together.  In an effort to make the new Band year start as smoothly as possible, please help me with the following:

    Band Camp is July 20-24 and July 27-31 from 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm

    These camps are required for ALL members of the CHS marching band

    .NEW: If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or are around someone who is exhibiting symptoms, follow the CCSD policies regarding COVID-19 safety.  Band Rule #1.

    Students should download and print a copy of this year's Warm-Up, Show Music, Stand Music, and Star-Spangled Banner, and CHS Fight Song.  Band Paperwork should also be downloaded, printed, filled out completely and turned in on the first day of camp.  All are available on this website on the bottom right hand side.

    The expected schedule for both camps is as follows:                                                                                                                   Monday      7:30am-8:00am – Check-in.

    All forms will be filled out, and the first fee payment must be paid by Monday July 20.  No checks please.

    (All students must have the medical release/travel form signed by a parent/guardian, and a complete personnel sheet to participate in after-school band.  Band fees must be paid on time. )

    M-F          7:30am-8:00am- Student check in/Parents fill out paperwork                       

                   8:00am-12:00pm- Work!

                  12:00am-1:00pm- Lunch

                   1:00pm-5:00pm- Work!

                    5:00pm-5:30pm- Parents fill out paperwork (2nd chance)/Go Home

    This year’s show theme is “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles - Get Here How You Can ”: Songs featured: Love Train, Learn To Fly, Vehicle


    Dress Code for Camps: T-shirt, shorts (no long pants), socks, marching shoes (NO OPEN TOE SHOES/NO BAREFOOT), hat (optional), sunscreen.  Modesty is a virtue, please dress accordingly.  Ladies, please wear a sports bra.

    NEW:  All students must have and wear facemasks and personal hand sanitizer.  Flutes and piccolos also need face shields when playing.  These are available from any medical supply store.  Let me know if you need help finding face shields.


    Everyone will need: a water bottle or camelback (we will not be providing cups this year), pencil, highlighter, lunch money or sack lunch, and a ride home at dismissal time.  Instrumentalists also need: Flip folder, extra flip folder pages, lyre, and instrument in good working order.  You are responsible for your own reeds, oils, etc.

    NEW: Brass players need a small bucket to collect water from the horn.  The water must be disposed of by the student after class every day.

    NEW: All Brass and Woodwind players MUST have their OWN mouthpiece(s).  Mr. Porter will NOT provide mouthpieces and neither will CCSD or CHS/CMS.

    NEW: All Percussionists MUST have their own sticks.  Marching Snare Sticks are $15 while supplies last and can be purchased from Mr. Porter.  Other sticks may be purchased at a music store.


    Please be prepared to memorize the following music for camp: Star Spangled Banner, Fight Song, Hey Song,


    All students MUST eat breakfast before each day of band camp.  The number one reason students pass out at camp is NOT the heat.  It is because they came to work on an empty stomach!

    These camps are MANDATORY.  You will be learning the show and preparing for the first football game.  It is unfair to the group to have to back up and start over to “catch up” absent people.  If you have a conflict, please let me know immediately.  Again, follow CCSD policies regarding COVID-19.


    Band Fees are $200.00 and include the Band T-shirt

    Cash or money orders only.  Covington County School District does NOT take checks.  Money can be turned in to the Band Director.

    If you need help paying fees on time, please let me know privately.

    All fees are non-refundable.  Fees are used to help fund the entire Collins Band program including your student(s). 

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding Band Fees. 


    We will have a check-in at 7:30am the first morning of each camp.  A parent/guardian must be present to sign all forms and releases. 

    • Band fees are especially important this year.  Fundraising will be an important activity this year.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and help.
    • We will not be going to DCI as a group this year.  Please go to https://www.dci.org/events/dci-southern-mississippi for more information.


    As Band is an athletic endeavor requiring endurance and breath control. Students may be asked to run laps, or do calisthenics.  Often this will be used to correct unwanted behavior.  Please inform me of any medical issues in advance.


    Students need to provide their own bibbers (band pants) and marching shoes.  More on this later. 

    Marching shoes should be left in the band hall at all times so we may practice marching everyday properly. 


    Marching Band will be primarily an after-school activity this year.  After school rehearsals will be critical and must not be missed as this will be the only time we can all practice together or work as sections.


    The tentative After School schedule this fall is:

    Monday- Full Band until 5:00pm (may be extended to 6:00 if needed. Students will be notified in advance.)

    Tuesday – TBA until 5:00pm.  (may be used as a “dead” day.)

    Wednesday- TBA until 5:00pm (this may be used for percussion, brass, woodwind, etc. sectionals as needed.)

    Thursday- Full Band until 5:00pm. (may be extended to 6:00 if needed. Students will be notified in advance.)

    Friday- Football Game.  A schedule will be sent home at the beginning of the week.

    *Arrive at least one hour before game time for home games.  Instructions will be given for away games.

    **ALL STUDENTS will march back to the Collins Band Hall after EVERY game to receive instructions and to be dismissed.  This will include cleaning the band hall and the bus (if applicable).  If we all work together, this will finish very quickly.

    ***After-school sign in and sign out sheets will need to be signed by a parent of every non-driving band student.  This is an issue of safety and liability.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

    ****All band members must ride the bus to and from the first away game to determine what is needed.  Parents may check out students after subsequent away games only if the student has arranged for another band member to take care of their responsibilities; AND a note from the parent is in Mr. Porter’s hand by the Thursday before the game.   


    This information is tentative and subject to change.  Please be flexible.

    Thank you,

    Matt Porter- Collins Band Director 601-818-1206 cell phone


    Band Rules:

    1. Rule #1- You are not allowed to hurt yourself nor anyone else.  This extends to equipment and facilities also.
    2. No Gum, Food, or Sugary Substances. 
    3. Be On Time!  (Arrive and Depart on time.  We all have things to do.)
    5. New Rules May Be Added As Needed.
    6. Not Everything Goes According to Plan.  Plans Change.  Be Flexible.
    7. Do not say or do anything that will get you, me, or someone else in trouble.




  • 2020 Band Camp schedule2020 Band Camp schedule

    2020 Band Camp Schedule:

    First week: July 20 - 24

    Full Band  8:00am -12:00pm/1:00pm-5:00pm every day

    Second week: July 27 - 31

    Full Band  8:00am -12:00pm/1:00pm-5:00pm every day

    Welcome back! 

    Band camp starts Monday July 20 and runs for two weeks for all High School band members grades 8-12.  We will take a lunch break from 12:00pm-1:00pm.  Please bring water bottles as we will not provide cups.  This is also a new COVID-19 safety requirement.  Eat before you come to camp.  No gum, food, or sugary substances will be allowed during rehearsals or practice time (Rule #2).  Dress for the weather, but dress appropriately.  No open toe shoes.  No revealing clothing.  Make sure your instrument is clean and functioning properly.  You must provide your own mouthpiece.  Call Mississippi Music Inc. at 601-264-0150 for prices.  Bring a copy of your physical and make sure all forms are filled out completely and turned in to Mr. Porter.  Dragonfly fulfills most, but not all paperwork.  Coach Booth can help with Dragonfly.

    Band fees are due the FIRST day of camp and are to be paid to Mr. Porter the Band Director.  Cash or money order only.  No checks per district policy.

    All students are required to attend Band Camp.  No exceptions.  Students not attending Band Camp may not have a spot written for them in the first song of this year's show.  Band Camp is a graded event and a grade of zero will be recorded for every missed day.

    This year's fees are:  $200.00


    Please realize that none of us know for certain what this school year will be like.  Schedule changes may happen quickly and with little or no warning.  Things will not go according to plan.  Plans will have to be changed suddenly.  Mistakes will occur.  Please be patient and keep your sense of humor as we all try to figure this out.  Thank you.

  • 2020 Band Shirts and Wind Suits2020 Band Shirts and Wind Suits

    Wind Suits for Marching Band

  • 2020 Band Shirts and Wind Suits

    This year's show is "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles - Get Here How You Can".  Our t-shirt is soon to be on sale.  Shirt prices are $15.00 each for the non-student t-shirt.  The official student shirt is $20.00 but is for band students only.  Only one student t-shirt per student is allowed and will give the student FREE admission to all home football games.  Available for grades 6th - 12th.  The family/friend shirt is for all our friends and family who wish to support us.  These shirts are available in unlimited quantities and will act as our first fundraiser.  Please help us promote the sale of this shirt.  The new windsuits are for all 2020 Marching Band Students who have paid their $200.00 Activity Fee.  If you have not yet paid your fee, please get that money to Mr. Porter as soon as possible.  July 20 is the deadline for all activity fees.  Cash or Money Order only.  Covington County School District does not accept checks.  Thank you.

  • Marching Shoes

    All marching band members must have their own uniform marching band shoes.  Collins High School uses Black Glide shoes only.  No substitutes allowed.  The school and band program cannot and does not provide shoes.  Shoes are $34.00 and can be purchased directly from the shoe company during band camp.  This is in addition to your $200.00 annual band fee.  Fitting dates are Monday July 27, 2020 at 9:15am.  All students needing shoes must be present with their money.  No make up dates are planned.  Cash only.  

    Thank you

  • Homecoming Mass Band PerformanceHomecoming Mass Band Performance



    Dear Parents,

    Friday TBA, 2020 is Collins High School Homecoming.  As part of the celebration, we will be forming a mass band of 6th-12th grade band students to perform “The Hey Song” at 6:15pm on the Collins High School Band’s practice field.  The practice field is directly across the road in front of the high school band hall.  Participating students need to arrive by 6:00pm to warm-up and get set.  All students in the Collins/Carver band program should bring their instrument, but leave their case in the car.  Students should wear their band t-shirt

    6th and 7th grade band parents should pick their children up immediately after the performance so the High School Band can go perform at the game against Florence High School.  Everyone is encouraged to come to the game and support our Tigers.  High School Homecoming ceremonies will take place at 6:30pm on the Collins Football Field.  

    6th and 7th grade band students will not be playing in the stands during the game, so please leave your instrument in your car after the performance if you plan to stay for the football game. 

    If you do not plan to stay for the football game, please take your child with you as we do not have the manpower to supervise extra children during the game.  

     MR. PORTER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BAND STUDENTS LEFT AT THE GAME AFTER THE PRE-GAME PERFORMANCE.  Please do not leave unsupervised children at the Collins Football Game.

    7th-12th grade students will receive a grade for their participation in this event.  This is a REQUIRED performance for all Collins/Carver Band students.

    Thank you for your cooperation and participation in this event.  It should be a lot of fun!

    Matt Porter- Director of Bands                                                                                                                                   cell: 601-818-1206                                                                                                                                                        email: mporter@covingtoncountyschools.org

  • Home Football Game ProceduresHome Football Game Procedures

    Friday - 7:00pm

    Dress Code:  Band T-shirt tucked in, Khaki slacks and belt, Black Socks, Band Shoes

    ALL PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETE: Athletic Clearance Form, Physical, Insurance, Medical/Travel Waiver, Personnel Sheet

    Students staying for Sectional Rehearsal should report to the Band Hall 15 minutes after the final school bell rings.  No one has permission to leave campus.  Depending on the weather, we will rehearse in the:  A. Practice Field, B. Football Field, or C. Band Hall/Gym

    3:30-4:30 - Flexible Rehearsal (Full Band, Drumline, Visual Ensemble, Low Brass, High Brass, etc. - TBA)

    4:30-5:30pm - Dinner Break.  No one may eat in the band hall.  

    5:30-6:00pm - All Band Members report to band hall for warm-up and instructions.  Please arrive early so we may start on time. Take nothing that you cannot afford to lose.  Plan for rain.  Bring a dry towel, extra socks, and poncho.  No cell phones.  Bring money for 3rd quarter snacks and drinks. 

    6:15pm- Line up and march in to stadium (prepare for pre-game performance if needed.)

    7:00pm - Game time.  Put everything back outside in the staging area until 3rd Quarter.  Return to stands for the Star Spangled Banner and Fight Song.

    After Half-Time all unneeded equipment will be returned to the Band Hall.  Every student will help.  All students will then be dismissed for 3rd Quarter.  Students must be back at the beginning of 4th quarter to play the “Hey Song”.

    After the game, all students will march back to the band hall for final instructions and clean-up.  No one may leave until all the unloading and recovery of the band hall is complete.  Check in and checkout is at the Band Hall.  Late check-outs will also be in the band hall.  Students must wait in the Band Hall until Mr. Porter dismisses them.  If everyone works together as a team, this process will be finished quickly.

    Football games never end at the same time, so predicting when we will be finished is difficult at best.  The average game runs about three hours.  Parents should be ready to pick up students at the band hall within an hour after the end of the game.     Students may use the band office phone to call home.

    District Policy has decreed that student Cell Phones are prohibited during school hours.  This includes football games.  Please NO CELL PHONES until after the game.  School policy requires that students caught with cell phones will have them confiscated and turned into the principal’s office.  Parents can retrieve them in the school office the next morning after signing for them.  A second offense will result in the phone being confiscated and the student being escalated up the discipline ladder per district policy.

    NOTE: Times may be adjusted to accommodate pre-game and other events.  Please contact Mr. Porter if you have questions.

  • After-school Band Practice scheduleAfter-school Band Practice schedule

    All after-school rehearsals will be announced at a later date. 

    The Medical Release/Travel Waiver must be filled out and turned in by Thursday 5:00pm.  Any student who does not have that completed form WILL NOT be allowed to travel with or participate with the band on Friday.

      Rule #3:  Please be on time to arrive and to leave.  We all have things to do.  Thank you.

  • After school Marching Band Practice scheduleAfter school Marching Band Practice schedule

    After school Marching Band practice will be from 3:30pm-5:00pm Monday and Thursday. 

    Tuesday and Wednesday will be sectionals from 3:30pm-5:00pm and will be announced the prior week.  (ex. Drums, trumpets, etc.)

    After school rehearsals are REQUIRED.  Please plan your schedule to accomodate these times. 

  • Collins High School 2020 Football ScheduleCollins High School 2020 Football Schedule

       The CHS Marching Band will not be traveling to Away games this year due to Covid-19 restrictions regarding social distancing.  Sorry.




    September 4      @Magee                           Away    7:00pm

    September 11      Mendenhall                      Home     7:00pm

    September 18     @Taylorsville                    Away      7:00pm

    September 25    @Florence                        Away      7:00pm

    October 2          Open                               ******    ********

    October 9        @North Forrest                   Away    7:00pm

    October 16      East Marion Homecoming    Home    7:00pm

    October 23     @Perry Central                     Away    7:00pm

    October 30      @St. Patrick  Senior Night    Home   7:00pm

    November 6      Playoff #1   TBA                  TBA      7:00pm

    November 13    Playoff #2   TBA                  TBA      7:00pm

    November 20    Playoff #3   TBA                  TBA      7:00pm

    November 27    Playoff #4   TBA                  TBA      7:00pm

    December 4       Championship                    TBA     7:00pm


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