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6th grade band students take band during the school day.  After school rehearsals are rare and typically happen in the Spring.  All students need instruments in good working order.  Students using a school instrument are required to provide their own mouthpiece, reeds, oils, grease, etc.  Students borrowing school instruments are also expected to pay for any: loss, damage, or routine maintenance while the instrument is assigned to them.

Every 6th grade band student needs the book Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 for their instrument.  The students name should be clearly marked on the book's cover and the first page of the book itself.  Lost or damaged books must be repaired or replaced.  Carver Middle School/Collins High School does not provide band books.  Ask Mr. Porter if you are having trouble finding the correct book. 

Students are graded on the progress they are making using standard band rubrics.  Performances are limited to one pre-game Friday night football game, one Holiday Concert, and one spring concert.  All performances are required and act either as a major grade or a final term exam.  Absences are not excused and there is no way to make up the grade.  Unexcused absences from a performance may result in consequences ranging from a failing grade to permanent expulsion from the band program.  Exceptions in extreme circumstances will be handled confidentially by Mr. Porter on a case by case situation.



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  • Homecoming Mass Band Performance



    Dear Parents,

    Friday October 12, 2018 is Collins High School Homecoming.  As part of the celebration, we will be forming a mass band of 6th-12th grade band students to perform “The Hey Song” at 6:15pm on the Collins High School Band’s practice field.  The practice field is directly across the road in front of the high school band hall.  Participating students need to arrive by 6:00pm to warm-up and get set.  All students in the Collins/Carver band program should bring their instrument, but leave their case in the car.  Students should wear their black band t-shirt

    6th and 7th grade band parents should pick their children up immediately after the performance so the High School Band can go perform at the game against Richton High School.  Everyone is encouraged to come to the game and support our Tigers.  High School Homecoming ceremonies will take place at 6:30pm on the Collins Football Field.  

    6th and 7th grade band students will not be playing in the stands during the game, so please leave your instrument in your car after the performance if you plan to stay for the football game. 

    If you do not plan to stay for the football game, please take your child with you as we do not have the manpower to supervise extra children during the game.                                                                                     MR. PORTER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR BAND STUDENTS LEFT AT THE GAME AFTER THE PRE-GAME PERFORMANCE.  Please do not leave unsupervised children at the Collins Football Game.

    7th-12th grade students will receive a grade for their participation in this event.  Even though we do not have school that day, we still have the evening performance.  This is a REQUIRED performance for all Collins/Carver Band students.

    Thank you for your cooperation and participation in this event.  It should be a lot of fun!

    Matt Porter- Director of Bands                                                                                                                                   cell: 601-818-1206                                                                                                                                                        email: mporter@covingtoncountyschools.org

  • Required Method BookRequired Method Book

    Every Band Student is required to have their own copy of Standard of Excellence Book 1 for your specific instrument.  The picture shown is for trumpet.  Each book has the picture of its instrument on the cover (for example: the clarinet book has a picture of a clarinet, the flute book has a picture of a flute, etc.)

    Each book retails for $9.95 except for the percussion book which is $16.95.  Your local music store should have it in stock.

    Please write your name clearly on the cover and on the first page inside the book in case the cover gets removed and lost. (It happens a lot.  frown)

    The school cannot and will not supply the book for you.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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